Blessed Vale School

Blessed Vale School is a school that is the main school in the district of Chibolya in Lusaka, Zambia. Our aims are to support those working in the school to refurbish it, and to develop a curriculum that will enable the students in the school to become responsible and active members of their community.

To date, we have refurbished the primary school and have developed a curriculum for use in it with our partners Full Circle Learning. In the past six years, we have grown Blessed Vale School to 650 students in its primary school.

Neda HIV Centre

In June 2011, the Neda HIV care clinic was opened in Nyanga, Cape Town, South Africa. It provides care with those infected with HIV and AIDS.As part of a collaborative effort between Luvuyolwethu Home-Based Care, a charity based in Cape Town; Zambian Gems; and a generous financial donation from the Sohrab family in the USAss in memory of Neda Sohrab; we were able to refurbish the previously existing centre and double its capacity. in doing so, the centre is now engaged in new activities and there are plans to engage in fresh educational and training activities. It now provides care services for over 600 patients.

Junior Entrepreneur Scheme

The Junior Entrepreneur Scheme teaches enterprise and entrepreneurship skills to children and youth. Starting from grade seven upwards (age 12+), participants are both empowered into thinking about career development and goal setting, and also taught technical business skills that give them a strong sense of commercial awareness.Find about more about the scheme at

Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital

At FRSTH, Zambian Gems has been able to source medical materials that are much needed in the main hospital in the Gambia. Basic medical supplies are lacking, and as part of a long term engagement with FRSTH, Zambian Gems will be providing medical equipment, supplies and specialist training to FRSTH.We are currently in discussions with FRSTH to construct an Intensive Care Unit at he hospital, thereby greatly enabling the hospital to deal with a much wider range of patients.

Empowering Gambian Girls

Zambian Gems supports our partners Starfish International in the Gambia. Starfish’s mission is to empower Gambian girls by providing them with an advanced education that is focused on service to humanity. Using a bespoke training programme, Starfish has been able to help hundreds of Gambian girls achieve their full potential in their lives.Zambian Gems provides support for Starfish’s Craft Programme, where the girls learn handicraft skills and business skills that might support them as entrepreneurs and income generators for their families in the future.


Zambian Gems is now a direct supporter of DEAFF, whose goals is to provide education, assist in poverty and hunger alleviation, and encourage the local community and government to become actively involved to ensure deaf children have an educational future that is often taken for granted in more well developed countries.

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